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We need symbols of unity and perspective. We need a Captain Iraq, a Captain Iran and a Captain Syria.

Mubarik Jaffrey was born and raised in the UAE. After studying in Miami and San Francisco he returned to Dubai and founded Ink a Branding agency.

These series of work draws from the world of comic books, pop art and the superhero community at large.

Where the heroes at ...with so much going on throughout the region we need heroes more than ever.

Mubarik would like people to enjoy the work, and if possible think about what it means to be a hero.


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“I have always had an internal running commentary about how life should be - beautiful, but bursting with interesting flaws.

Maria Iqbal was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, raised in the UAE and immigrated to America to become a lawyer but ended up working in the advertising industry as an art director for 10 years. She moved back home to Dubai, and now resides happily ever after in her studio in Al Quoz. Maria creates unique, customized art, from traditional canvass paintings to Furniture, and accessories. Her style can be described as vibrantly detailed, fusing Fashion and Pop Culture.

Maria has been featured locally and abroad from interior design magazines to Vogue. Her work can be found in various fashion and lifestyle boutiques, art galleries, as well as in home design specialty stores. Occasionally she conducts Pop-Up workshops and on site activations for well-known brands. She is nominated for Emirates Woman of the Year 2014 for her work in art and culture in the UAE. She is living her dream and doesn’t plan on waking up anytime soon.

My style can be described as vibrantly detailed, and driven by my curiosity of Pop Culture. I design my life. My everyday experiences, and my interaction with people inspire me. I grew up with Bollywood and Japanese manga. I am motivated by happy and positive messages with a quirky twist, which is why I love the Japanese kawaii world. The dramatic intensity of colour and passion that is Bollywood is also a big influence. My Art is my take on Popular culture and it’s who I am, a consumer in the end of lovely juxtapositions. I don’t see a difference between eye candy and art. I paint what I love. What I love is excessive and humorous. I like to make people laugh. Unique, Iconic people and experiences are my muse. My pieces are loud, happy, shocking. All of them represent my attitude towards life: don’t be shy, take risks, go all out. Be Happy.
The way I work: I get to know my client before I make a piece for them. Each piece is unique to them, and only for them. They can choose to have a portrait done, or a personal statement illustrated on their dining table. I can transform a beloved motorcycle helmet or paint a headboard.


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